Uncombed Thoughts

What is common between healthy ferns and healthy relationships?

Fern leavesI was watering my ferns.

I love ferns.  I love them for no obvious reasons.  Maybe, it is ancient memory of old times when my prehistoric relatives were hiding in them from sable-tooth tigers.  Or maybe not.

And, actually, do we really need reasons to love something or somebody?  I just love my ferns.  I do.

As I was watering my ferns and enjoying being with them, I noticed how careful I am around these plants doing everything for not damaging any leaves.

Then I noticed a few pots that used to host green and healthy ferns, and now host something dry and ugly.  And I thought that I would never purposefully do anything active to hurt my plants, and at the same time, when I am caught in business of everyday life, I can easily forget to water them… as a result more gentle of them die, and  the more sturdy suffer silently…

Hmmmm…. Something to think about….

It reminded me of relationships – to have flourishing ones it is not enough not hurting each other, it also requires consistent energy and time investment.
And then I was thinking of people I love, who used to be in my life and whom I would love to have in my life, and  I don’t anymore…

And then I was thinking of people I do have in my life and how blessed I am to have these “sturdy ferns”.  Who are they?  Am I here for them? Do I nourish our relationships?

I was watering my ferns…

It is a Keeper! (My Bookself)

Larry Winget “Black&White”

Book "Black & White" by Larry WingetLarry Winget “Black&White”.  I picked this book from the shelf yesterday looking for a quote for Mother’s day.  I picked it yesterday, and I still can’t put it back.  Since the time I read it last time I’ve already forgot how sharp and bold 🙂 the guy is.

Some of my favorites from this book:

*  Empty.  All used up.  My epitaph.  That’s what will be on my tombstone.  It means that if you can eat it, I’ve eaten it. If you can drive it, I’ve driven it.  If you can ride it, I’ve driven it.  If you can read it, I’ve read it.  If you can listen to it, I’ve heard it.  If you can say it, I’ve said it.  If it can be done, I’ve done it.  I don’t want to die with things still left to do.  And though that will happen, I want to spend the time I have doing everything I ever dreamed of doing.

* God can handle the cynicism and the questioning;  the religion has the problem with it.

* Discover your uniqueness and learn to exploit it in the service of others and you are guaranteed success, happiness and prosperity.

*Stress comes from knowing what is right and doing what is wrong.

* The stranger you are, the better you have to be. That’s why I have to be really good.

* The Big Questions of LifeAm I happy?Am I healthy?Am I serving?Am I loving?Am I learning?Am I having fun?Am I doing something that I enjoy?Am I prosperous?
If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then celebrate.
If the answer to any of these questions in no, then do something immediately to change things in your life.

*If you life sucks,It is because you suck.
If your business sucks,It is because as a business person you suck.
If your sales sucks,It is because as a salesperson you suck.
If your employees suck,It is because as a manager you suck.
If your customer service sucks,it is because you deliver sucky customer service.

* When you messed up, big deal.  Just admit it, fix it and move on.  Other than that, life is a party.

* After a lot of research and personal searching, this is what I believe to be true of God:
God is not a he, a she or an it.  God is the Presence of Good and the Action of Love.
God is not a personification but a unification.  The unification of all that is good and all that is positive and all that is love.
God is not mean or vengeful.
God doesn’t care who wins the Super Bowl.
God doesn’t think you are special, but thinks that everyone and everything is perfect in every way just the way it is therefore there is no need for a word special.  None is above another.
God loves and accepts you just the way you are; there is no need to change in order to have approval.
God is not loving.  To say that God is loving implies that God can be something other than love.  God can’t. God IS love.
God doesn’t need to punish you and won’t.  You punish yourself enough, so God doesn’t need to.  We are not punished FOR our sins.  We are punished BY our sins.
God doesn’t judge.  People judge.  God accepts.  You don’t have to change for God to love you.  However, you may have to change for people to love you.
God doesn’t reward us based on our goodness.  Goodness is the reward.
God has a lot of things to say to you.  But you usually have to be quiet to hear it.  Your message from God is very private and very unique to you.
God believes in you.
God wants the best for you.
God wants you to be happy, successful, healthy and abundant in every way.  It is not Godly to do without it or suffer.  It is just the opposite.  We are given incredible talents and abilities.  Each and every of us; no one is without those talents and abilities.  The were given to us to use.  Not to use them is a slap in the face of God.
God is more interesting in you listening to God, than in you talking to God.  So many people are telling to talk to God – and that is fine.  I just believe that most of us talk way too much.  It is important to listen.