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What is common between healthy ferns and healthy relationships?

Fern leavesI was watering my ferns.

I love ferns.  I love them for no obvious reasons.  Maybe, it is ancient memory of old times when my prehistoric relatives were hiding in them from sable-tooth tigers.  Or maybe not.

And, actually, do we really need reasons to love something or somebody?  I just love my ferns.  I do.

As I was watering my ferns and enjoying being with them, I noticed how careful I am around these plants doing everything for not damaging any leaves.

Then I noticed a few pots that used to host green and healthy ferns, and now host something dry and ugly.  And I thought that I would never purposefully do anything active to hurt my plants, and at the same time, when I am caught in business of everyday life, I can easily forget to water them… as a result more gentle of them die, and  the more sturdy suffer silently…

Hmmmm…. Something to think about….

It reminded me of relationships – to have flourishing ones it is not enough not hurting each other, it also requires consistent energy and time investment.
And then I was thinking of people I love, who used to be in my life and whom I would love to have in my life, and  I don’t anymore…

And then I was thinking of people I do have in my life and how blessed I am to have these “sturdy ferns”.  Who are they?  Am I here for them? Do I nourish our relationships?

I was watering my ferns…

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