Voice In My Head

I’m really blessed. You know how we have different voices inside of our heads (don’t tell me that it is only me who has them ;)). Some of them are critical, some of them are encouraging. We usually don’t pay conscious attention to them but they are present.

Today I finally paid attention to one of mine and I was amazed to discover that habitually in situations when I’ve done somethng stupid, or made a mistake, and so on, I tell myself: “Наташка, ты артистка” that in English would be something like “Natashka, you are funny”. Isn’t that cool????

Now I am definitely curious whose voice it is – my mom’s or my dad’s – who was telling me that, and I am very grateful for that voice and for that love. Now I will pay close attention to the words my sons will hear inside their heads 10, 20, 30 years from now.

Love you all,

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