Sharp Targeting


Dead Koi Fish BodyI just discovered that during the last night a raccoon caught one of our koi, ate half of it and left the rest on the deck for later use.  Poor little fish…  I don’t know how to bring the news to my dad – it was his favorite one, he picked it, he named it…

I’m amazed, though, by raccoon’s intelligence and determination  – the koi pond we have is covered with a fine net, and only in one place the net was loose and the raccoon took advantage of it.

Weird enough (though coming back from Keith Cunningham’s Flying Solo – how to start a business seminar can justify it a little bit)  it reminded me about one of the keys to the business success – the necessity of laster-sharp targeting:  you better spectacularly please few people, then casually please everyone – find the niche, or, as I go back to the raccoon, find the hole in the net.

Now, I am going to take a postmortem portrait of what we used to call our fish in order to show it to the guy who takes care of our pond.

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