It is a Keeper! (My Bookself) Mentors

To Dr. Seuss With Love

I fell…
No! I am falling
And falling in love…
No, I’m not falling… I’m rising:
Love takes me above…

It takes me above
To a wide open air
It’s opener here
Even more then was there.

And as flying above
I am seeing great sights
And joining high fliers
Who soar to high heights.

You’ve known him forever
I haven’t… I’m new…
I’m lucky I haven’t…
Cause now I do.

I am lucky I met him
Not a long while ago
Cause today I’m who I am
And I know what I know.

I lucky I met him
Cause of that I am more,
Much-much more,
much-muchly more I-er
than I was before

His words make me think
His words make me feel
His words make me wonder.

Make me
Think, feel and wonder.
And then wonder and think:
“How much water
Can 55 elephants drink?”

His words take me left
His words take me right
or right-and-three-quarters…
Or, maybe, not quite…

I have brains in my head
And feet in my shoes
His words take me in any direction
I choose.

His name starts with “S”
And ends up with “euss”
Pre-named with “D”, “R”
And rhythms up with “lose”.

It rhythms up with “lose”
And I may, if I want,
But I want to do not
So I won’t. Yep, I won’t.

I’ll remember to Step
with care and great tact
and remember that Life’s
a Great Balancing Act.
And I’ll never forget
to be dexterous and deft.
And I’ll never mix up
my right foot with my left.

Funny sometimes is my English.
My Russian can be foreign to you.
But I can speak Heart-ssian and Heart-lish.
Yes I can. And I know you can too.

So in my Heart language
These are words I’ll choose:
“I love you, I’m thankful,
I’m muchly much grateful
For you Dr. Seuss.”

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